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We believe a great wedding begins with a well developed concept. The first step is to discuss what’s important to both of you and what kind of experience you want your wedding to be. It should be a reflection of both your styles and personalities.
Do you want it to be romantic, traditional, vintage, retro, minimal or modern?
Maybe you want something visually stunning with an artistic, fantasy or wonderland theme? Or food orientated, like a big feast or a gastronomic delight.


Once you're ready we'll help you decide the best venue and arrange everything for your wedding. From invitations to Save The Date database management, food & beverage, transport, makeup, accommodation, custom jewellery, event design and anything else you think will enhance the celebration, we'll arrange it.
We will hold coordination meetings with all the vendors in the run up to your wedding, professionals we have worked with many times before and can rely on to deliver the best results.


On the day our team will be busy making sure that everything is running smoothly. We organise an event diary, coordinate with the vendors, go through the rehearsal, assist with the bride's hair, make up and gown, thoroughly inspect the venue and other locations, finalise the decor and lighting, check the food is on schedule and monitor the supply, run the hospitality desk and ensure all your guests are happy and ultimately, make sure you and your fiancé enjoy your very special day. In short, you can rely on us.

Full service wedding planning

We can design, plan and arrange every details about your wedding, according to your desire :

Invitation design and printing

Save The Date Database Management

Photography & Videography

Event Design including decor and lighting

Food & Beverage

Wedding Dress and Other Attire

Makeup and Hair Styling

Transportation and Accomodation

Wedding Venue

Hospitality Desk


Wedding Gifts, Souvenirs / Favors